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Micromachining for intervertebral implants for medical and veterinary use

The micromechanics applied at Xray Meca enable the production of medical and veterinary components for intervertebral implants and prostheses.


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High precision machined intervertebral implants for medical and veterinary use

The medical and hospital sectors require state-of-the-art equipment for treating patients. Of course, to ensure effective results and safety, these components of medical equipment and instruments must have reliable, strong, safe and extremely precise designs. A significant proportion of these components demands the use of micro-mechanics in order to achieve the necessary level of precision. This is the case, for example, with certain implantable devices, such as intervertebral implants, or certain prostheses.

XRay Meca‘s know-how lies in processing ultra-thin metal components, whose essential qualities are flexibility and pliability, meaning shape can be modified to suit the applications for which they are used.

Some of the more suitable materials include, for example, 316L stainless steel and titanium. The latter is frequently used in the medical and surgical sector for its specific properties: biocompatibility, low mass, strength, low risk of corrosion, radiopacity etc. XRay Meca produces medical implants and prostheses for orthopaedic use. These devices can be offered both to patients in hospitals and for other uses, such as for veterinary purposes.

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medical or veterinary references produced on our machines

The utimate veterinary spacer for collapsed disks

Collapsed discs in dogs

Wobbler Syndrome (also known as DACSM or “Disk Associated Cervical Spondylomyelopathy”) is a degenerative condition that affects the spaces between the cervical vertebrae of dogs. It is a condition that is regularly found in large breeds of dogs, but also in small dogs, in particular forms.

These forms consist of instability in the area around one or more intervertebral disc. The discs then tend to get closer together, causing pain and even paralysis in the dog.

Implantable device solution: the IVLS 345 spacer

Decompression is therefore required to stabilise the areas in question. The IVLS 345 (Intervertebral Locking System) cage was developed for this purpose. It is available in different sizes to suit the individual morphology of the animal undergoing surgery. With this procedure, the dog regains its mobility and can walk comfortably once again.

In the eventuality where a risk of a domino effect would be possible on the surrounding areas (due to the stiffening that has been induced), an improvement can been brought to the IVLS 345 cage, with the ComFlex concept.

Future-proof solution: the ComFlex 345 articulated spacer

The COMFLEX articulated cage is produced in such a way as to create a joint that allows a few degrees of movement for flexing, extending and twisting. This tolerance helps to reduce the likelihood of an unwanted domino effect by mimicking the characteristics of a real intervertebral disc. A healthy disc can withstand millions of cycles of strain over a lifetime.

This enhancement of the device also means that large dogs can be operated on, whereas the IVLS 345 may have had some limitations due to the weight and size of the animal.

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Precision is our strength and our passion. When a millimeter seems like a kilometer, you can count on us.

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IVLS 345 Essential Kit

Essential kit containing 18 implants with mostly used sizes (*)

IVLS 345 Individual Kit

Individual unit for replenishment – shipped in individual packaging

Comflex 345

Essential or individual unit for replenishment – on request

Our References

“While there are many types of “cage” implants for this purpose, most other solutions I tested are limited in terms of rigidity (increased risk of the well-known “domino effect”) and long-term resistance. The production of this major advance for the veterinary world is supplied since several years from Xray Meca and I have experienced it with much success, therefore I warmly recommend it.”

Dr. Vet. Pierre Mathieu, Belgium

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